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       Suzhou Institute of science and technology, the research of advanced materials research, development of new materials and technology, the research on the structure and properties of nano materials, the new technology and new technology, the development of new generation of lightweight materials and structural functional integration of new technology and new technology, and to achieve new and integrated systems in the field of aerospace, new energy, information and environment.

       Advanced nano materials research focus on the development direction of the:
1) nano materials genomics, through theoretical calculation, predict the basic physical and chemical properties of materials, and the relationship between the microstructure and properties of the materials, and the design and processing method, the prediction of the service performance of the materials, etc..
2) nano carbon materials structure electronics, pay attention to the low dimensional nano materials, in particular the coupling of nano carbon structure and electronic properties, to strengthen the micro nano scale nano carbon material coupling characterization technology, the development of new materials and device principle and processing technology.
3) lightweight, multifunctional nano fiber and composite engineering processing and application of, the development of nano carbon fiber, nano carbon gas gel, nano carbon paper materials processing technology to promote in the energy, display, catalysis, environment in the field of industrial application.
4) micro / nano composite materials processing and its force, electric, thermal characterization platform, focus on strengthening the processing and preparation of nano composite materials with multi - scale, multi - level, multi - functional and key equipment development, and strengthen the construction of nano fiber, nano thin film properties evaluation and characterization of its smart properties, and promote the development of new materials.

       At present, the research of advanced nano materials has an innovative spirit, team cooperation, full of vitality of the young research team, the existing research fellow of 8 people, the project researcher 5 people, 4 associate researcher, assistant researcher and post doctoral and  internship researcher 41. The CCCCP young people plan to finance 1.

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